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At Scott-Long Construction the health and safety of every employee is of paramount importance. Research shows that most accidents are man-made, and besides causing human suffering, they lead to disruption of work schedules and damages our company’s image and reputation.  Accident prevention is a MUST for all of us.

It is our policy to assure employees and subcontractors a safe and healthful work environment as is reasonably possible. Every effort is made to provide sound and safe working equipment, personal protection gear, appropriate training, and immediate first aid in case of injury or illness while on the job.

Supervisory personnel are responsible for the health and safety of personnel working under their direction.  It is our goal to be proactive regarding safety, to minimize all potential hazards.  If, at any time, working conditions appear to be unsafe, work shall be terminated until the hazards are eliminated.

All personnel have the responsibility of complying with the requirements of the VOSHA, MOSHA, and OSHA as well as specific additional rules required by Scott-Long Construction. Employees are encouraged to promote safety on our projects, and are expected to monitor the Safety Bulletin Board at each project and to be mindful of all company safety notices issued and posted by the company.

It is our belief that any safety and health program must have total workers involvement. Therefore, this program has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.



  • To safeguard the lives and health of Scott-Long employees and subcontractors.


  • To protect the assets and property of Scott-Long and those of our clients


  • To provide training concerning the hazards employees may come in contact with during the course of their work and how to respond appropriately.


  • To develop an atmosphere of safety consciousness and awareness in field and office personnel.


  • To develop a response capability that will help minimize loss in the event that an accident should occur.


Our corporate safety policies are designed to allow ongoing development and awareness through training programs and education. We continue to evaluate our policy procedures to ensure that we are maintaining an effective program that exceeds industry standards. 

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